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Moses and Jesús (The Prophetic Fight for Immigrant Rights)

When Moses, an undocumented immigrant, is being deported from the promised land…there’s only one friend he can turn to for a miracle. With a hilarious, trash-talking Jesús by his side, the two prophets try to stop the deportation – and stand up for the rights of all undocumented Americans.

New Video: ‘Grammatically Correct (The Ghetto Poem)’

“Oh my god, he is so….GHETTO.” It’s a common expression these days. I hear it all the time from white folks, black folks, even Jay-Z himself. Mr. Beyonce may be using ‘ghetto’ as a self-referential complement, but for most people the word is an unmitigated insult.

New Video: The Millionaire Tax Virgin

I had to do it. In the spirit of political satire, cultural activism, and the inappropriate humor that my mom is about to lecture me about once she clicks the play button…I mean, how could I resist?

“When Hope Comes Back” – High Quality Video

As if performing my piece “When Hope Comes Back: A Poem for the 99%” the other night amongst the 10,000 good folks at OccupyCal wasn’t powerful enough,  the response since then has been very humbling. The poem seems to have hit a chord with people, as much as their Occupy…

First Comedy Set Ever! (And it’s So Gay!)

Yep, I did it. I figured, “If I can tell terrible, usually offensive jokes to my friends and family, and no one’s punched me in the face yet…well then, I probably can tell terrible, for SURE offensive jokes to total strangers, right?” So began my career in stand-up comedy. I…