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NEW VIDEO: “Flame Go” with Zion-I, MADlines, & DONBLAK

“The wrong Amazon is burning. The wrong ICE is melting.” So begins the newest video from The North Pole universe. And I’m incredibly proud of this one. I mean, hey, it’s not everyday you shoot a video about the devastating California wildfires literally DURING the last round of wildfires.

Eating Pad Thai after a Mass Shooting

This is for El Paso. For Dayton. For Gilroy. For all of us who can and must do better.

This is for my son.

The Tree Hugger

This is for Oakland, for the fallen brothers, for the fallen trees – and for the good men in my life. The Tree Hugger his skin is brown limbs long, he is lanky like me but still: strong arms, thick spine he is an oak tree rooted in the Town…

I’m on Twitter! Follow Me…or #Killmequickly

                            I resisted as long as I could. Honestly, I did. When everyone told me, “Josh, you gotta get on Twitter! How can you be an artist and not be on there? How can you be an…

White Terror in Wisconsin: Paul Ryan, Segregation, and the Sikh Temple Shooting

I remember the first time I saw a Confederate flag in Wisconsin. It was my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I was driving with my friend Kevin to go see The Roots in Milwaukee. Complaining how we needed to drive an hour and a half just to…