Gaza is a Shtetl

Israeli strikes in Gaza destroy office of Hamas premier.

                  Gaza is a shtetl. The Israeli army are cossacks. Palestinians are my brothers. Gaza is a ghetto. The Israeli army are LAPD. Palestinians are my sisters. Gaza is an open-air prison. The Israeli army is the warden. Palestinians are my family….

The Greenest Man in America!


Going green is about more than buying all the gluten-free quinoa you can fit in your Prius. It’s about community organizing against corporate polluters and challenging environmental racism — and then enjoying your quinoa. That’s the message from my good friend, the “Greenest Man in America.” You haven’t met him…

Yuri Kochiyama and Amiri Baraka play 2-on-2 in Heaven

Yuri and Baraka

I had this crazy dream last night. Yuri Kochiyama and Amiri Baraka were up in heaven…playing Ronald Reagan and Strom Thurmond in a game of 2-on-2 basketball. The stakes? Dismantling the segregated institutions of heaven. Why all the clouds gotta be white? Baraka asks. Why all the white angels get…

NEW VIDEO: Healey shows ‘His Feminine Side’ on NPR


Remember the hit play The Vagina Monologues? If you ever saw the show in all its feminist glory — with Eve Ensler’s brilliant combination of audacity, insights, and triple orgasms — you more than likely first saw it in college. And you’re probably a woman. That was not the case…

Dear Kamala Harris

California Attorney General Kamala Harris (left) refuses to prosecute the policeman who murdered Alan Blueford (right)

Dear Kamala Harris An Open Letter to Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California, on her refusal to prosecute the policemen who murdered Alan Blueford and other youth of color across the state Dear Kamala, I know you’re from here. Born and raised in this town of sideshows and sidewalk cemeteries….