New Video: The Millionaire Tax Virgin

I had to do it.

In the spirit of political satire, cultural activism, and the inappropriate humor that my mom is about to lecture me about once she clicks the play button…I mean, how could I resist?

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the campaign for Proposition 30 (aka the Millionaire’s Tax) that’s on the ballot here in California. So inspired, in fact, that I had to make this little video. So let me be the first to to introduce to you to Warren Trumpengates, aka the Millionaire Tax Virgin.

Directed by Yvan Iturriaga, a brilliant cultural activist here in Oakland, we wanted to have fun with this one. And with the discourse around Prop 30 (and budget and taxes in general) being very limited and policy-wonkish, we wanted to make something that would remind people that taxing rich people to pay for public schools and services is necessary, it’s about justice, and yes, it’s sexy!

Any support in helping the Tax Virgin spread his word on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, listserves, commenting, sharing, showing it at your evangelical church bingo night, etc…that’d be love. This is a grassroots effort…so let’s spread it like wildfire.

And for folks who are just hearing about this initiative: Prop 30 would raise taxes on California’s super-wealthy, and use those billions of dollars for our underfunded public schools and universities, hospitals, parks, and everything else that we need and love and is crumbling before our eyes — all while the 1% buy second mansions and third yachts and pay less taxes than Mitt Romney’s pet rock. It’s not perfect, it’s not enough…but it is a big step in the right direction. Let’s make that step real.

Let’s pass Prop 30 and help the Millionaire Tax Virgin finally get some of the action he so desperately needs.