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Moses and Jesús (The Prophetic Fight for Immigrant Rights)

When Moses, an undocumented immigrant, is being deported from the promised land…there’s only one friend he can turn to for a miracle. With a hilarious, trash-talking Jesús by his side, the two prophets try to stop the deportation – and stand up for the rights of all undocumented Americans.

May Day in Oakland: Immigrant Rights, Occupy Agitation, and a Tank

I wake up to the sound of helicopters. Living in Oakland, the city of beautiful rebellion and tragic violence, I’ve long since learned to recognize the distant buzz of police choppers, but I usually don’t hear it before 8 am. Then I remember: Today is May Day! The revolution is…

Towards a North American Union: Immigration Justice beyond Arizona

(Note: This is from a longer piece I wrote for Tikkun magazine. The thinking was, when it comes to the immigrant rights movement, SB1070 and Arizona apartheid…we know what we are against, but what are we FOR? This is my contribution to the conversation, an attempt to frame our struggle…