Hammertime: Poems and Possibilities


Trap Yoga and Trash-Talking Polar Bears. The Other 98. September 2017.
I Will Grieve. I Will Laugh. But I Am Not Charlie. Common Dreams. January 2015.
What if George Zimmerman had seen ‘Fruitvale Station’ The Progressive. July 2013.
NAFTA Corn Fuels Immigration The Progressive. April 2013.
Mayans, McDonalds, & The Real Apocalypse of 2012 Tikkun. December 2012.
Relearning the Beautiful Game The Progressive. December 2012.
White Terror in Wisconsin: Paul Ryan, Segregation, & the Sikh Temple Shooting Tikkun. August 2012.
Wisconsin after the Recall Beating: Down but Not Out Tikkun. June 2012.
Occupy’s Left Coast: Oakland Pushes the Movement in Radical Directions Red Pepper. April 2012.
The Quiet Racism that Killed Trayvon Martin: Reflections from Miami Tikkun. March 2012.
Occupy Oakland at a Crossroads: Rebirth or Self-Destruction? The Progressive. February 2012.
Art is My Occupation: Rethinking the Role of Artists in the Movement Alternet. January 2012.
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Discipline and Democracy, from Guatemala to Wall Street Tikkun. October 2011.
The Real Education Reformers: How Chicago Isn’t ‘Waiting for Superman’ Tikkun. March 2011.
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Oscar Grant or Lebron James? The Systemic Devaluation of Black Life Tikkun. November 2010.
Towards a North American Union: Immigration Justice beyond Arizona Tikkun. August 2010.
After the Verdict: No Riot, but No Leadership Either Oakland Local. July 2010.
Justice in Jerusalem: No More Spinning our Wheels Tikkun. January 2010.
Searching for a Minyan: Our Response to Being Censored by J Street Huffington Post. October 2009.


Holiday Present (My Mom’s a Lesbian) Tikkun. December 2012.
Tree Hugger Oakland Local. October 2012.
Rosh Hashanah in Quetzaltenango Tikkun. October 2011.
Grammatically Correct (The Ghetto Poem) June 2011.
Elegy for Peter Norman Howard Zinn Education Project. December 2010.
Let It Not be in Vain Oakland Local. September 2010.
Seeing ‘Milk’ in the Castro with my Cute, Straight Friend Nick Oakland Local. August 2010.
To the Young Men who Watched and Said Nothing November 2009.
The Screen Printer Life is Living. October 2009.


Of Writers and Warriors April 2010.
Good Morning 25 January 2010.


Rebels on the Mic: 5 Hip-Hop Albums to Bump This Fall 38th Notes. August 2012. .
DC Love: My Top 10 Artists from the (Formerly) Chocolate City Turnstyle. June 2011.
U.S. Social Forum: Carnival, Classroom, Family Reunion The Progressive. June 2010.
Invincible Hip-Hop: Slipping the Medicine In Tikkun. May 2010.
Spoken Word and Progressive Politics: Video Series The Progressive. February 2010.