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A Dream Detained

  A Dream Detained (after Langston Hughes)     For the Dream Defenders, occupying the Florida state capitol for Trayvon Martin and racial justice     And the #Dream9 immigrant activists, who were detained at the border and won their freedom 

New Video: ‘Grammatically Correct (The Ghetto Poem)’

“Oh my god, he is so….GHETTO.” It’s a common expression these days. I hear it all the time from white folks, black folks, even Jay-Z himself. Mr. Beyonce may be using ‘ghetto’ as a self-referential complement, but for most people the word is an unmitigated insult.

The Tree Hugger

This is for Oakland, for the fallen brothers, for the fallen trees – and for the good men in my life. The Tree Hugger his skin is brown limbs long, he is lanky like me but still: strong arms, thick spine he is an oak tree rooted in the Town…

Why Passover is the Greatest Holiday of All Time

  Why Passover is the Greatest Holiday of All Time more than the fourth glass of wine in a family that gets drunk off two more than the smirk you throw at your older brother when you recite the tenth plague, the killing of the first-born more than hiding the…

Twenty-First Century Lover’s Lament

Last week, I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a group of people I truly love: Oakland youth. Teaching a writing workshop, it was a dozen high school kids and me, talking about love, heartbreak, and how Rihanna could go back and make a song with Chris Brown. (The general…