The North Pole is Coming Soon. Help Make It Happen!

So yeah. I wrote a web series. It’s called The North Pole. Based here in Oakland, it’s a political comedy that hits on all the big issues and is coming out later this year. But we need YOUR HELP to make it happen!

The Warrior’s Return: NEW VIDEO

This is a true story about me and my man Cameron, a karaoke superstar and Iraq War vet who took me on a trip out to the desert I’ll never forget.

20 Questions: My Thoughts on Climate Reparations, Unionized Cows, and My Baby Boy’s Favorite Song

I don’t do too many interviews these days, but I did a fun one recently with the good folks at the Kindle Project. Kindle is fresh and young and doesn’t give a fuck about normal, mind-numbing foundation protocol. So when they asked me real ass questions, I gave them real ass answers.

Barbara and Esther

This is the most personal story I’ve ever performed. And somehow got some of the biggest laughs I’ve ever received. My new video for NPR Snap Judgment, this is a true story about my great-grandma, my wife, and abortion rights across the generations..

Trumbo and Dorothy: A Cinematic Trip for Old Comrades

I finally saw Trumbo last night, the amazing movie about the blacklisted communist & Oscar-winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo…who was a good friend and comrade of my grandma Dorothy Healey.