NEW VIDEO: “Flame Go” with Zion-I, MADlines, & DONBLAK

“The wrong Amazon is burning. The wrong ICE is melting.” So begins the newest video from The North Pole universe. And I’m incredibly proud of this one. I mean, hey, it’s not everyday you shoot a video about the devastating California wildfires literally DURING the last round of wildfires.

The North Pole: Season 2 is Here! Watch the Polar Bear Rebellion.

We’re ba-aaaaacck! The North Pole is here with a full new season of our dramatic comedy web series. I had the honor (and ridiculous joy, as you’ll see watching the show) of writing and executive producing the show again, this time with Rosario Dawson and of course my friends at Movement Generation.

Eating Pad Thai after a Mass Shooting

This is for El Paso. For Dayton. For Gilroy. For all of us who can and must do better.

This is for my son.

The Pogrom in Pittsburgh: Darkness in America, Light in a Synagogue

I went to synagogue last night. And then woke up this morning to the news of the mass shooting in Pittsburgh.

‘The North Pole’ Season 2 is Coming Soon! Help Make it Happen

After months of anticipation, rumors, and (we imagine) celebrity gossip, we have some great news to announce: The North Pole: Season 2 is coming soon! And we need your help to make it happen.