The North Pole: Season 2 is Here! Watch the Polar Bear Rebellion.

We’re ba-aaaaaccck!

The North Pole is here with a full new season of our dramatic comedy web series. I had the honor (and ridiculous joy, as you’ll see watching the show) of writing and executive producing the show again, this time with Rosario Dawson and of course my friends at Movement Generation.

Seriously, I have so much love for this creative team — my man Yvan Iturriaga directing, Darren Colson producing, and this season lead actors Reyna Amaya and Donte Clark joined the writers room. (And yes, their writing is why Season 2 is so much better.)

If you need a quick refresher on the show, last season The North Pole introduced the world to Oakland’s favorite trash-talking, revolutionary polar bears: Nina, Benny, Marcus, and newcomer Finn.

Now in the aftermath of the police confrontation that rocked North Oakland in the Season 1 finale, Benny is locked up and threatened with deportation. When his radical lawyer convinces him that the best defense is a good offense, Benny decides to runs for office against the shady local Sheriff who is trying to deport him. In the process, he becomes the first undocumented immigrant to run for public office in America – only the first of many ways that his DIY, hilariously subversive campaign will be unique.

Meanwhile, wildfires rage around Northern California, and Nina, Marcus, and Finn face their own struggles with major health crises, racist family members, and ridiculously escalating Twitter wars. As Benny’s unorthodox campaign gains mass attention and spirals out of control, the four friends must somehow unite the neighborhood to defend Benny – and the place they all call home.

Alright, that’s enough words.

Just watch the show.

First episode below. The whole season available for streaming on The North Pole site.

And if you’d like to bring the show to your college campus or city, let us know and we can make it happen! Until then…

Free Benny.