NEW VIDEO: “Flame Go” with Zion-I, MADlines, & DONBLAK

“The wrong Amazon is burning. The wrong ICE is melting.”

So begins the newest video from The North Pole universe. And I’m incredibly proud of this one. I mean, hey, it’s not everyday you shoot a video about the devastating California wildfires literally DURING the last round of wildfires.

The smoke was so intense in the Bay Area while we were filming, we were wearing gas masks on set. They say art imitates life, right? Well right now life on this planet is on fire in so many ways. Which is exactly why we made this song and video “Flame Go.”

Watch and enjoy as Zion I, MADlines, and DONBLAK — three of the Bay Area’s most prolific emcees and all actors in The North Pole show — joined forces on the mic for the first time:

Inspired by Zion I’s character Pyro Bill from The North Pole, ‘Flame Go’ takes aim at the devastating wildfires and PG&E power outages that left most of Northern California in smoke and darkness, as well as the Trump Administration’s brutal ICE raids, the hyper-gentrification of Oakland, and the beautiful resilience of our communities in the face of these attacks.

Flame Go is a party anthem and a battle cry. And our present to you, the fine people of the interwebs.

Directed by Yvan Iturriaga, executive produced by myself and Movement Generation, make sure to check out the curated murals from Oakland legends Desi Mundo, Pancho Pescador, Kili Munoz, and the queen bee Dania Cabello.

And yes, that’s a polar bear turf dancing.

Because, you know.