I Will Grieve. I Will Laugh. But I Am Not #Charlie.

As I saw many of my Facebook friends (and even more of my Facebook enemies) taking up the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, I wondered, Do we really know who we’re claiming solidarity with? Is the enemy of my enemy necessarily my friend? Or is this a situation not of righteous heroes and evil enemies, but bad jokes and even worse policies?

Laughter and Liberation: Comedy for Palestine…with a Chanukah Twist!

Through the ongoing chaos of this crazy country, the holiday season is almost upon us. And as a Jew, I’m choosing to celebrate Chanukah the way my ancestors would want me to: by telling funny stories and supporting a free Palestine!

How to Help Your Mother Set Up Her Profile on JDate

If your mother asked you to help her set up an online dating profile — an online Jewish dating profile — what would you do?

Brother Earth: New Video with Boots Riley!

On the eve of this week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York — and the accompanying mass protests in the streets — Movement Generation is proud to present a new comedic video with legendary rapper and activist Boots Riley of The Coup.

The Comedian’s Last Laugh

When I started doing comedy a few years back, I quickly realized an unexpected truth: sometimes there is no more depressing place in the world than a comedy club.