My Beloved QAnanny

This is a crazy, hilarious, and (for better or worse) 100% true story.

A few years ago, in the early, pre-vaccine days of the pandemic, I was scrambling for childcare (and my sanity) like so many of us. A friend eventually invited us to do a nanny-share, which was a godsend — until after 6 months of this woman taking care of my kids, we hit one small hiccup.

Our nanny turned out to be a QAnon conspiracy theorist, Trump diehard…Berkeley hippie Jew.

If your mind was blown by that sentence, welcome to the club.

It took me 3 years to process the insanity, but I just finally shared the story for you all to enjoy / commiserate with me.

NPR Snap Judgment – “My Beloved QAnanny”

Intro is at 3:08, story starts at 3:40.

Thanks as always to my man Glynn Washington and the Snap team for having me on.