Wishing Joe Lieberman an Unhealthy New Year

With some folks now saying that Barack Obama has been disappointing and not lived up to his potential as the first black president, just remember…Joe Lieberman could have been the first Jewish vice president. When I think about Lieberman, I think about the all-encompassing, dead-on personification of what it means to be a schmuck.

Not only has he been more pro-war than most Texan Republicans, this guy more than any other Senator has destroyed what few good things were left in the health care reform package. Not that Obama was pushing for universal health care or even a public option himself.

But the one thing that made me glad Bush stole the election from Gore was that it saved us from 4-8 years of hearing the phrase “Vice President Lieberman.” I mean, it’s not like Bush’s VP was the epitome of right-wing, corporate evil. Oh wait…

Here’s to a happy 2010 to everyone, for peace in Afghanistan, reparations for Iraq, justice in New Orleans, jobs in Oakland, statehood for DC, a Grammy for Wale, an Oscar for Fantastic Mr. Fox…and a really painful, expensive, uninsurable (and medically unnecessary) colonoscopy for Joseph Isadore Lieberman.