Marijuana: The Gateway Plant to Urban Farming

Today is 4/20. Later this week is Earth Day. In honor of these equally important holidays, my friends at Movement Generation and I just released our newest video! Check it out…

“The Gateway Plant” tells the amazing, hilarious, 100% true story of Full Harvest Farm here in East Oakland. Starring the Full Harvest farmers Karissa and Region Lewis, the video shows their unexpected journey from growing weed to growing organic tomatoes to growing a powerful oasis for community resilience and black liberation.

“Our farm is about community resilience and black liberation,” Karissa told me recently. “Whether we’re dealing with gentrification or food deserts or racist policing, in America it always comes down to land and power. So we’re taking the land back. And that way, we can start to take our power back as a community.”

Directed by my man Yvan Iturriaga, “The Gateway Plant” is the newest video in our Green Collar Comedy video series with Movement Generation.

For me, this is about revolutionizing the way we organize and the way we live. Art and activism, resistance and resilience — they go together like weed and munchies.

And if there’s one thing I learned at Full Harvest Farm, it’s that sometimes the biggest change can start with just one little bud.

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