Jon Stewart is to Glenn Beck as Progressives are to…Lying Aryans?


After years of saying that “Jon Stewart is the best thing on television (after five hours of Sportscenter, of course),” I’ve recently come around to the theory that Stephen Colbert’s show is actually better. At least consistently. I think that’s because Stewart is naturally funnier, and so he falls back on his shtick and doesn’t put the work into his show the way Colbert does.

But every now & then, Jon Stewart is the one. Unlike when he dismantled “Crossfire” in 2006, or when he picked apart that crazy dude from CNBC last year, this time Stewart didn’t even need his target to be in the room to go after them. I guess with someone like Glenn Beck, becoming the target works better. And in this case, imitation isn’t the highest form of flattery.

    Watch the full video here.