Let’s Beat Texas Twice!

Baseball is one of my favorite sports. After soccer, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, and the luge. Let’s be honest, 9 innings of pitch-and-catch just isn’t that exciting.


Like most folks here in the Bay Area (except rabid Oakland A’s fans, who I respect, even though they’re very few of them), I’ve jumped headfirst on on the San Francisco Giants bandwagon. Which, because it’s San Francisco, is actually a 1972 VW van — when you jump on, you’re greeted with a tye-dye shirt and a joint from Tim Lyncecum.

I started watching the Giants in the last days of the regular season, and I gotta say…these guys are fun. Other than their pot-smoking Cy Young-winning pitcher Lincecum, they don’t have any real superstars. Instead, they have guys who you’d never heard of until last month — guys like Aubrey Huff, who get the whole team to wear thongs for good luck, and Brian Wilson, who dye his pirate beard darker than a Crown Heights rabbi.

They’re fun, and they’re good. Huff and Wilson won the game for Los Gigantes last night, putting them up 3-1 over the Texas Rangers. Which may be the best part. There’s nothing I’d love more than to see the crazy liberal team from the Bay win the World Series tonight right in front on the Rangers’ former owner, George W. Bush. Did you see Bush smirking during Game 3? He looked like he was giving a press conference after Hurricane Katrina again, grinning his idiot grin and patting Nolan Ryan on the back like he was Dick Cheney.

All I gotta say is..Let’s go Giants.

And while we’re messing with Texas, don’t forget that tomorrow is election day. Lots of big votes tomorrow, and one of the biggest in California is Proposition 23. Of all the propositions on the ballot, Prop 23 is the worst. Written and paid for by Texas oil companies like Valero and Tesoro, Prop 23 would overturn California’s landmark climate change law until unemployment reached an impossibly low rate.

As O.G. (original green-jobs-dude)  Van Jones says, defeating Prop 23 is key to promoting clean energy jobs, stopping high rates of asthsma, and defending the environment.

Plus, then we’d beat Texas twice in one week.