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As the World Burns // new video

How do you enjoy life as the world burns? That’s the simple, totally-easy-to-answer question at the heart of my newest video with NPR Snap Judgment. This is a story about drought in California, police violence across America…and water slides. Lots and lots of water slides.

Snap Judgment LIVE…in Brooklyn!

Snap Judgment LIVE is coming to the BAM Opera House this Friday night, May 8. And we’re bringing a powerhouse lineup: Black Thought from the Roots, Mike Daisey, James Judd, and Glynn Washington. Oh, and me.

Marijuana: The Gateway Plant to Urban Farming

Today is 4/20. Later this week is Earth Day. In honor of these equally important holidays, my friends at Movement Generation and I just released our newest video!

Thank you Upworthy! Fuck you Indiana!

Upworthy helped my anti-homophobia satire Coming Out Straight go viral the same week that the totally pro-homophobia “religious freedom” law passed in Indiana. One of those things was fabulous. The other was Indiana.

Fracking with Our Food: And 7 Other Reasons California Should Ban Toxic Drilling

Avocado. Sprouts. An overpriced, gluten-free bun. Just a few of the special ingredients that turn your average, quarter-pound hamburger into an exotic ‘California burger.’ Now you can add one more ingredient to the list: a dangerous, highly toxic cocktail of chemicals that are being injected into thousands of acres of California farmland.