Barbara and Esther

This is the most personal story I’ve ever performed. And somehow got some of the biggest laughs I’ve ever received. Thank god for a rowdy New York audience!

After a long wait, here it is. My newest video for the one and only NPR Snap Judgment. This is a true story about my great-grandma, my wife, and reproductive rights across generations…

For me as a man, I see the abortion debate usually limited to old conservative men attacking young women’s rights — and I wanted to share my wife and I’s personal story to show how abortion is safe, necessary, and should never be stigmatized. For millions of women and (what usually gets left out) millions of men, abortion is actually a positive thing. Silence and shame are never the answer. #ShoutYourAbortion is.
                                                                                                                                                              I’ll be honest. I was hella nervous about performing this story — not for my sake, but my wife’s. When I first told Esther the story and asked what she thought, she said, “If you don’t do it…I’ll divorce you.”

                                                                                                                                                            And that’s why she’s the champ.

Much love to all the strong women who raised me (Grandma Dorothy, Mama Debbie, Aunt Fran), to the original rebel queen of the family (Great-Grandma Barbara), to my great midwife wife (yes, Esther, you deserve multiple shout-outs!), and to whatever future female Healeys come down the road.

Whoops, maybe I should have given that last one a spoiler alert.

Oh well. If you’ve read this far, you know the deal. Now go share this video with all the young men (and women) in your life, donate to Planned Parenthood, and tell Tez Cruz and his squad to sit the fuck down.