As the World Burns // new video

How do you enjoy life as the world burns?

That’s the simple, totally-easy-to-answer question at the heart of my newest story and live performance with NPR Snap Judgment. And of all the pieces I’ve done for Snap, this one was both the funnest AND the hardest piece I’ve ever performed.

This is a story about drought in California, police violence across America…but most of all, this is about my nephew Miles right here in Oakland.

…and water slides.

Lots and lots of water slides.

(Or watch and don’t enjoy. But that doesn’t sound as much fun.)

Shout out to Glynn Washington and the Snap team for making it happen once again. Props to Alex Mandel for being the musical maestro, alongside dangerous David Brandt and  Tim Frick. Y’all are the greatest.

How do you enjoy life as the world burns?

The truth is, I’m not sure. But love, truth, and talking shit seem like a good way to start.