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How I’m Voting: From (Not) Obama to Every Proposition in California

Well, it’s about time. After almost two years and over $2 billion dollars that mostly rich people have spent (wasted? invested?) on the presidential campaign alone, Election Day is finally here. This Obama/Romney circus has been going on so long – and has had such little substance –  it’s even…

New Video: The Millionaire Tax Virgin

I had to do it. In the spirit of political satire, cultural activism, and the inappropriate humor that my mom is about to lecture me about once she clicks the play button…I mean, how could I resist?

Rebels on the Mic – The 5 Hip Hop Albums to Rock this Fall

There have been a lot of big moments in hip-hop this year, but most of them have had little to do with actual music. Frank Ocean came out. MCA died. 2Pac came back to life…as a hologram. Long since having overtaken rock as our dominant musical genre, hip-hop is both…