Lil Wayne + Tree Hugger = Best Eco-Mixtape Ever

So I wrote this poem last fall called Tree Hugger. It’s about Oakland, violence, fatherhood, what it means to be man…and the first time my hippie-ass 10th grade science teacher asked me to hug a tree.

Now that piece is gonna be on a mixtape over a Lil Wayne beat. What beat is that you might ask? None other than that old booty-shaker itself, Shooter. It’s like you think you’re about to hear Weezy rap about how many girls he scored last night, and then BOOM! Here’s comes Healey talking about oak trees in West Virginia!

Mama Earth’s got jokes.

Big love goes to Ellen Choy (aka DJLN) for inviting me to get down with this project, recording, and mixing the piece. It’s for an upcoming mixtape benefit for the good folks of Movement Generation. I wrote the piece at an MG retreat, so it all comes full circle. What you know about THAT water cycle?

Enjoy the song, stay on the lookout for the mixtape, and hug your sons. Hug your fathers. Hug those oaks. For real. This is the real pro-life movement.