Six Feet Apart & Rising: May Day Show and COVID-19 Fundraiser

Like many of you in this growing crisis…I’ve been struggling to figure out, “What the fuck can I do to really help out?”

Well, together with an amazing crew of artists & activists, we’re organizing this digital showcase & fundraiser to help the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund and Black Housing Union as they support some of our most vulnerable neighbors and challenge injustice during this crisis and beyond

Click here to support undocumented immigrants & Black folks organizing against COVID-19 impacts in Oakland and across the U.S.

And join us this Friday, May 1 (aka May Day) for the livestream show & fundraiser featuring some of your favorite musicians, comedians, and actors from The North Pole show.

RSVP here for the May Day showcase with Rosario Dawson, W. Kamau Bell, Fantastic Negrito, and more. 

We hope to raise at least $20,000 in the next two weeks. 

Are you receiving the $1200 federal stimulus check and don’t need all of it? (I mean, we all could use some extra cash, but do I really need that third organic hammock?) If you still have stable income, housing, health care, etc….there is a national movement asking people to #ShareYourStimulus. Here is a great way to make that happen. 

Whether you can give $12 or $1200…whatever you can give is love.

Love for our peoples. Love for all peoples. Let’s spread the love & spread the wealth. 

Thank y’all and I wish you nothing but health and justice in these crazy times.