“Moses and Jesús” Coming Soon — Donate Now!

What happens when you combine the moral urgency of Cesar Chavez with the hilarious satire of the Daily Show?

With your help, we can find out! And, in the process, we can help build the grassroots movement for immigrant rights, from California to the House of Representatives.

As Congress continues to debate ‘comprehensive immigration reform,’ conservative, anti-immigrant forces are ratcheting up their pressure in Washington, securing millions for the militarization of the US/Mexico Border. Now it’s on us to fight back! We can tell our stories, organize our neighbors, and yes, use a little humor to change the debate and help bring it back to what matters the most – the lives of human beings.

In that spirit, Culture Strike, the nation’s leading arts and activism organization on immigration, is proud to be producing the soon-to-be-released short film: “Moses and Jesús.”

Moses and Jesús

The Prophetic Fight for Immigrant Rights

Written and created by Josh Healey (NPR Snap Judgment)
Directed by Yvan Iturriaga (The Storm that Swept Mexico)
Starring Richard Montoya (Chicano comedy legend, Culture Clash)
             Corey Fischer (founder, The Jewish Theater)
             Jeri Lynn Cohen (actor, Word for Word)
Produced by Favianna Rodriguez (artist and founder, Culture Strike)

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About the project:

Moses and Jesús is a comedic, cross-cultural, very-loosely-biblical, pro-immigrant short film for the internet. It’s both incredibly funny and very powerful — and couldn’t come at a better time. Here’s a sneak preview:

Moses is an old, hard-working immigrant. He fled his oppressive homeland, wandered through the desert, finally made it to the Promised Land — and now they’re trying to deport him. Moses needs a miracle! So he goes to the one man he knows who can make miracles happen: Jesus. But this isn’t blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jesus. This is Jesús, a Chicano carpenter and spiritual redeemer who’s had his own run-ins with La Migra. Together, the two prophets come up with a plan to stop the deportation — and stand up for the human rights of all undocumented Americans.

Filming will begin this weekend, and we’ll be releasing it online in late July — just as the House of Representatives will be debating their immigration bill. But to do that, we need your help. We’ve already raised over half the funds needed — now we need YOU, our community, to help take us home!

Help us raise $3,000 by July 25 to make “Moses and Jesús” happen!

All funds raised will be used to pay for production and distribution expenses — the cast, the crew, equipment, and a big piñata of Sheriff Joe Arpaio to smash at the end.

Can you donate $25? How about $250?

Whatever you can do, we offer our deepest thanks and appreciation. Like the song says, it’s always okay to put five on it. Please note that this is not a tax deductible donation.

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In gratitude and solidarity,

Favianna Rodriguez, Josh Healey, and the CultureStrike team