Stephen Colbert – 1, House Judiciary Committee – 0

Last year, I said that Jon Stewart at his best usually beats Stephen Colbert. But after watching this video of Colbert testifying before Congress (in full character, no less), I might have to change my tune.

Watch the video below, and see how Colbert uses his faux-right-wing personality to deliver a hilarious, damning critique of U.S. immigration and labor laws. Then, at the end, he drops the act and speaks in his own, non-fiction voice about why he was drawn to support migrant workers.

The best part — this wasn’t just a publicity stunt, but an act of solidarity with the United Farm Workers in their similarly well-framed Take Our Jobs campaign. I knew Colbert was a solid liberal, but it’s heartening to see him use his media shine for a strong progressive cause like the UFW.

Maybe his March to Keep Fear Alive (paired with Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity”) is more than just a joke, but an actual call to action?

Nah, probably not…