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My Beloved QAnanny

This is the crazy, 100% true story of how in the early pre-vaccine days of the pandemic, my wife and I discovered that our kids’ nanny turned out to be a QAnon conspiracy theorist, Trump diehard…Berkeley hippie Jew.

Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

Our first feature documentary follows Grammy-winning musician Fantastic Negrito as he faces his demons and the mental health crisis here in Oakland. As he creates his most personal album yet, Negrito searches far and wide to answer the question: in a sick society, how do you keep from going crazy?

Normal Ain’t Normal

Featuring Rosario Dawson and D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai (Hulu’s Reservation Dogs), this new series follows four working-class characters in Oakland in all their struggles and absurdities redefining what’s “normal” as we come out of the pandemic.

So I Started a Production Company in a Pandemic…

One year ago today I officially started our new production company Offsides Productions with my creative brother and semi-professional ping-pong champion Yvan Iturriaga. The first “business decision” I made was to order business cards for us. Ha! 2020 was about to be like, “Business cards?! You really think you’re about to meet people in person??!”

Six Feet Apart & Rising: May Day Show and COVID-19 Fundraiser

Like many of you in this growing crisis, I’ve been struggling to figure out, “What the f*ck can I do to really help out?” Well, together with Rosario Dawson, W. Kamau Bell, and friends, we are throwing a May Day show to support some of our most vulnerable neighbors and challenge injustice during this crisis and beyond.